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February-March 2024

Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD
Menstruation and Henna: Pollution and Purification
In traditional Islam, a menstruating woman was considered vulnerable, weakened, and polluted, therefore she could not pray, fast, or have intercourse. Menstrual blood was najis, polluted, haram, very dirty, as were all blood, excrement and reproductive fluids. Islamic tradition emphasizes that Allah values people who are clean and pure, whereas malevolent jinn, predatory evil spirits, are not repulsed by filth, blood and decay, and may even find it attractive.
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Tips and Techniques

Mixing Henna and Indigo
You can adjust the color of your henna by adding indigo to the mix.
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Real People, Real Henna
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Spiralee's Henna Mix
I have been bleaching highlights into my hair since the beginning of time and hating the results without fail. Generally my hair does not hold dye very well at all, so after a week or so, I end up with an ugly brassy color and fried hair. Here is my hair two weeks after using a dark brown dye to try to even out the color. The brown has already faded and the highlights are looking mighty bad!
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From our blog

Toning Henna – Part 1
If you have hennaed your hair and aren’t a fan of the red, or if you just want to tone your hair down a bit, this blog may be for you. Even if you’ve done a combination of henna and indigo and/or cassia, you can still use indigo and cassia to tone.
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