Add Gems to 'White Henna"


Flatback rhinestones are a beautiful addition to 'white henna'. Fortunately, 'white henna' adhesive paste is an adhesive invented to glue objects safely to skin.

Unless someone rubs or picks gems off of 'white henna' adhesive, they'll stay in place for several days.

Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste andPros-Aide Cream Adhesive are safe, reliable 'white henna' skin adhesives.

apply a dot of adhesive

Apply a dot of 'white henna' skin adhesive paste to the skin where you want to place a gem. To pick up a gem with a birthday candle, just press the candle on the dome of the gem.

White henna with gems

Using the candle, transfer the gem to the dot of 'white henna' adhesive paste. Touch the flat side of the rhinestone to the paste.

Completed 'white henna' work with gems

Continue until you have as many gems as you wish. Then, complete the 'white henna' paste and powdering work as seen here:

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