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Ancient Sunrise® Rainwash Mineral Treatment will remove mineral buildup caused by washing in hard water. Heavy mineral buildup in your hair may react with cassia and make an otherwise lovely golden color turn green, brown, or even black! Mineral buildup can also make hennaed hair go dull.

If your cassia or cassia-henna mix comes out a very strange or dark color, you may have hard water from minerals reacting with the quinine molecules. If you think that hard water is the cause of your cassia or henna dye problem, Ancient Sunrise® RainWash should fix it! Follow the instructions below:

Instructions for Ancient Sunrise® Rainwash Mineral Treatment:

  • Add one teaspoonful (5 gr.) of Ancient Sunrise® Rainwash Mineral Treatment to 2 ounces (60 ml.) of distilled (mineral free) water.

  • Shake or stir vigorously.

  • Allow the liquid to stand for several minutes to thicken.

  • Section hair and apply Rainwash mix evenly.

  • Cover hair with plastic wrap or shower cap.

  • Leave the Rainwash mix in the hair for about 40 minutes for an initial treatment to remove heavy build up. If you use Rainwash weekly, leave in 15 minutes weekly to keep hair free of mineral build up.

  • Rinse thoroughly, then shampoo as usual.

  • One teaspoonful (5 gr.) in 2 ounces (60 ml.) of water is enough for shoulder length hair. Each 4 or 5 inches (100 - 120 mm.) of length after will need an additional 1 teaspoon of product and 2 oz water.

  • Ancient Sunrise ® RainWash smells "weird" or "sulphur-y" while it's breaking up the mineral deposits in your hair. That's normal, and means it's doing a good job!

  • Ancient Sunrise ® RainWash Is acidic and should not be used on broken skin.