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October 2017

Catherine's Curiosities
Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Were red-haired women believed to be witches?
Women were accused of heresy and witchcraft during the Spanish inquisition if they were discovered to have henna on hair and fingernails. During the Medieval Warm period, The Spanish inquisition believed henna was culturally connected to ethnically Muslim and Jewish culture, and to have any non-Catholic belief was heresy. By 1560 henna was outlawed in Spain, and women found using henna were subject to imprisonment and torture.

The belief that red-haired or henna-haired women are witches has softened, but women with vivid red hair are still viewed as daring, wild, and mysterious!
[Read more at: http://www.tapdancinglizard.com/AS_henna_for_hair/chapters/chap2/Medieval_Spain.pdf]

Tips and Techniques

Why is it important to learn about henna now?
It is important to learn about henna now because people are increasinglyallergic to chemical hair dye. People in North Africa, the Middle East andSouth Asia have been dyeing their hair with henna for centuries, but theirmixes were unknown in the west. Henna, indigo, and cassia are ecologicallysound crops for small land holders in marginal farming areas, and if the marketfor these products increases, it will benefit family farms and soils, as wellas preserving our own health.
[Read more at: http://www.mehandi.com/Articles.asp?ID=283]

From our blogs
Highlights: Money-Saving Tips for Ordering from Ancient Sunrise®
Having your hair dyed in a salon can cost up to a hundred dollars or more, and a box of dye from the store can be around ten dollars, each application of henna can cost as little as $3.00 if you know the best ways to order. Here are the not-so-secret secrets that the staff at Ancient Sunrise® would love for you to know.
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Differences Between BAQ Henna for Body Art, Mass-Produced Henna Cones, and “Black Henna�
Sadly, there are too many products on the market which claim to be henna (but they are not), and which can be dangerous to the skin. Knowing the difference will keep you and/or your clients safe. This article will describe the differences, and explain how to tell these products apart.
[Read more at: http://becomingmoonlight.blog/2017/10/02/differences-baq-black-henna/]

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