February - March 2018

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February - March 2018

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Catherine's Curiosities

Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Compound Henna - Part 1
Have you have ever wondered why stylists hate henna, and why some people think henna ruins hair, coats it, and makes it brittle? There is a reason, and that reason is “compound henna.� Compound henna hair dyes containing unlisted or obscurely declared metallic salts are the source of much of the misinformation about henna, and they are the reason that stylists malign henna. Hair dyed with a product containing metallic salts will be brittle, and the metallic salts will cross-react with the chemicals in per solution, lighteners, and oxidative hair dye. Henna benefits hair, does not coat it, and makes it strong. The additives in compound henna ruin hair, not the henna.

Read more:http://www.tapdancinglizard.com/AS_henna_for_hair/chapters/chap3/henna_reng_rastik_compound.pdf

Tips and Techniques
Root Touchup Using Ancient Sunrise®
You van view the video at https://vimeo.com/255292964
You can find full details on using henna and indigo for root touchup in chapter 9 of the Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair Book.
You can download the full book or separate chapters free of charge at

From our blogs

Ancient Sunrise Blog - Full Coverage: Dyeing Roots and How to Rescue Resistant Roots
After the first initial application(s) of henna, there is no need to continue dyeing the full length of your hair each time. Because henna stains hair permanently and does not fade, repeated applications will darken the color over time as henna saturates the hair more and more.

Read more: https://www.ancientsunrise.blog/full-coverage-roots/

Becoming Moonlight Blog - “Ugly� - Poetry and body art
I am ugly.
And that doesn’t mean I’m not PRETTY,
I’m just so ugly-stuffed with life
that it shows on my face and my body.

Read more:

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