Tips and Techniques
How-to video demonstrations by our Customer Service staff

How to Fill a Carrot Bag
For root touch-ups, we recommend using a piping bag, also known as a "carrot bag," This video demonstrates an easy way to fill a piping bag. in next month's newsletter, we'll show how to prepare your hair and use a carrot bag to do your roots.
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How to Use Ancient Sunrise Rainwash
Rainwash is a simple treatment to remove mineral build up from the hair and help improve the uptake of the natural plant dyes. We recommend it before any Ancient Sunrise application for the best results.
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Root Touchup Using Ancient Sunrise®
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You can find full details on using henna and indigo for root touchup in chapter 9 of the Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair Book.
You can download the full book or separate chapters free of charge at

Conditioning using cassia obovata
Cassia and henna can help repair dry, damaged hair, or help keep hair healthy. Through each after photo you can see the increase in shine and health. Cassia and henna are great for all hair textures. You can use cassia by itself to condition your hair without changing your hair color. To learn more, refer to our
free e-book, "Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair," a free download at:
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Applying Highlights
You can highlight hair colored with Ancient Sunrise products just as you can with chemical hair dyes.

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Applying Lowlights
A video demonstration showing how, with a few simple tools, you can apply lowlights to your hair.
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Henna mix for adding tone to a beard
A mix of henna, indigo and cassia can add tone to dark blonde hair or a beard without darkening or adding too much color.
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Hair color and shampoo test
We tested several types of hair color, including henna in different shampoos to see which color is the most stable
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Using Ancient Sunrise® Shampoo Bars
There is more than one way to wash your hair with our shampoo bars. In this short video, Liz, a member of our Customer Service team, demonstrates two easy ways to do it.
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Using Becoming Moonlight® as Eye Makeup
Becoming Moonlight® mica powders can be used for general bodyart and they're also good for highlighting the eyes.
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With trick-or-treating and Halloween party time fast approaching, we compare Mehron "Paradise" bodypaint and cheap bodypaint "crayons.
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Mixing Henna: "The Bag Method"
A sealable plastic bag can be used for mixing henna, as well as for storing or applying the paste.
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New Year, New You "Henna Indigo Transformation
See how henna can help repair damaged hair, improving the strength, texture and appearance of the hair.
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PPD and Hair
PPD (para phenylenediamine), a common chemical used in commercial hair dyes, has some important health risks that you can avoid by using pure henna and indigo.
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Black Henna Risks
Warmer weather is approaching and as more people travel and go on vacation, seaside and tourist-area body artists will begin appearing offering to decorate visitors with temporary bodyart. Most will claim they are using henna, however, it's important to beware that many are actually using a highly toxic chemical called PPD.

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Bodyart in 8 Steps
A short video demonstration of temporary bodyart as an 8-step process.

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Clean your hair with zizyphus
Powdered leaves of the desert plant zizyphus spina christi were used to wash hair before shampoo was available. It leaves hair clean, shiny, healthy and well conditioned and does not leave any color in the hair.
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Bodyart Flowers using TEMPTU
TEMPTU is a water-soluble paint safe for use in bodyart. Use TEMPTU together with Becoming Moonlight mica powder to create colorful art on skin.
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Becoming Moonlight Gilding Paste and Glitter
This month, something for the summer bodyart season. A quick lesson in using Becoming Moonlight gilding paste and glitter.
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Becoming Moonlight Gilding Paste:
Becoming Moonlight Glitter:

Ancient Sunrise: Before and After
We help a client make the switch from commercial boxed dye to a henna-indigo mix.
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Indigo Touchup
Using a simple indigo mix to touch up your red or black hair color.
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