November-December 2018 Newsletter & Ancient Sunrise Monthly
November-December 2018

Catherine's Curiosities
Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Chapter 4: Science and Microscopy Part 2: The Phytochemistry of Henna, Lawsonia inermis L. [Lythraceae]
Some henna hair dye companies have claimed that all of the various colors of their henna hair dye come from henna and henna only; that red henna was from leaves, black henna was from henna roots, and brown henna was from henna bark. This was not, and cannot have been true. Lawsone is the only dye molecule produced from henna in a significant amount and it is only produced from the leaves. There is no other dye in any other part of the henna plant that will dye hair, and henna stains keratin only in the range of copper to dark auburn.

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Tips and Techniques

Mixing Henna: "The Bag Method"
A sealable plastic bag can be used for mixing henna, as well as for storing or applying the paste.

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Comparing Ancient Sunrise® Sudina Indigo and Zekhara Indigo (Video)
While all Ancient Sunrise® plant dye powders are sifted to a high degree, some are particularly fine. Those are the powders we recommend to people with delicate, damaged hair, and thick, curly hair. Ancient Sunrise® Rajasthani Jasmine Henna, Ancient Sunrise® Zekhara Indigo, Ancient Sunrise® Zekhara Cassia, are our finest henna, indigo, and cassia respectively.

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How to Sift and Strain Henna for Smooth, Clog-free Paste
Chunky henna paste easily puts a damper on a good henna session. It stops an artist from getting into their rhythm, and can ruin a pattern with broken lines or unexpected paste eruptions. An artist may try to clip a larger opening at the tip of their cone, sacrificing lovely thin lines and minute details. Smooth, clog-free paste makes all the difference. To avoid henna mishaps, it is best to be proactive by sifting henna powder and/or straining paste before it goes into your cones. Luckily, both are quite easy and quick to do, if only a little bit messy.

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