November - December 2019 Newsletter & Ancient Sunrise Monthly
November - December 2019

Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Ancient Sunrise Rarity is the best henna for fragile hair
What makes hair fragile? There are many things that can damage hair or can cause hair to not be strong in the first place. If you want to keep your hair from breaking when you apply and rinse out henna, use our newest and most finely sifted henna, Rarity.
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Tips and Techniques

Color correction using Ancient Sunrise
You can use Ancient Sunrise products to cover roots, for area touchup or to fix uneven color.
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From our blogs

How to Dye Beards and Facial Hair with Henna
Henna has been used to dye and condition beards and facial hair for just as long as it has been used for hair on the head. Henna was used to dye hair in Persia as early as 1000 BCE. Persian men used henna alone or in combination with indigo to cover grays and to keep beards conditioned and healthy. The use of henna for hair and beards was common throughout South Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Middle East, and eventually spread to western regions, then throughout the world. At public baths, men relaxed and socialized while keeping up their washing and grooming habits, which included dyeing their beards. Henna made beards smoother, shinier, and stronger.
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Eight Great Gift Ideas from Mehandi.Com
The holidays are coming fast. Ancient Sunrise® and Becoming Moonlight® products from make great gifts for a variety of people. You might know someone who has been interested in trying henna, or someone who has been a devoted henna-head for years. Maybe you have a cosmetics-lover in the family, an artist, a frequent flyer, or someone who is always busy but wants to look their best. Here are eight gift ideas to make everyone happy. You could also share this post with loved ones (nudge, wink) to point them toward what you might want this season.
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