Real People, Real Henna: "Alison J."

Alison hennas her permed hair

I am so glad I found your page!

I had been coloring my hair for years with the bad stuff, on top of that I got a really bad perm in October that totally fried my hair. Not only was it frizzy beyond belief but it felt like broom straw.

I found the page and the saw what others were using for mixes. I ordered [Ancient Sunrise] Henna and Indigo and some Amla. Here's what I used:

100 grams or Henna and a mildly acidic liquid mix with amla
50 grams of Indigo

I let the henna and amla sit overnight in a glass bowl covered. It was a great consistency and the color was rich. I had a girlfriend come over and help apply; it was pretty hard to work with. We got my hair pretty well covered. I wrapped my head in plastic wrap, then with a black silk head wrap on top of that and then I went to bed.

I woke in the morning and took a hot shower to get it out of my hair. I have to say, that was a challenge. I washed it (4) times and still couldn't get it all out. I ended up using a bottle of Olive Oil and saturated my hair with that, let it sit for 20 mins under the dryer. I then rinsed in the shower again, this time it was easier to remove. I highly recommend this to anyone who had the same experience.

After that, I got all the chunks out. I wrapped my head in a towel and let it sit for 1/2 hour. When I removed it, my hair was soft and shiny. I could tell the difference right away, before I couldn't even get my fingers through it. I was able to get a wide toothed comb through my hair. The permed curls seemed to loosen a bit, I can actually roll my hair and make it straight and it comes out nicely.

Notes and References
Don’t have fruit juice on hand? Keep some fruit acid powders in your cupboard.
Mildly acidic liquid:
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Ancient Sunrise henna for hair kits with everything included:

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