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Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair
Our henna is all body art quality, all the time, and we prove it by sending every shipment to an independent laboratory for thorough testing.

We have high, medium, and low dye content henna to dye your hair rich, natural, colors from dark auburn to light strawberry red, and completely cover gray. Our henna will not leave your hair traffic cone orange, and your color will not fade.

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Monsoon Henna Twilight Henna
Ancient Sunrise® Rajasthani Monsoon Henna has a beautiful rose undertone. Ancient Sunrise® Rajasthani Twilight is our finest henna. It's excellent for covering resistant gray.
Rarity Henna
Ancient Sunrise® Rarity Henna is the best henna for fine hair, natural hair, and locs. This organic henna has such a fine sift that it's superb for kinky curls. Rarity produces lovely coppery tones on gray and light hair. Available in 3 gram sample size and 100 gram packets.