Real People, Real Henna: "Sarah C."

Sarah's hair after henna

To start, my hair was dyed Marilyn Monroe blonde with my brown roots showing. In the picture, which I took right after the second time, you can see it turned out light red in natural lighting, with black at the tips. After a few days it darkened, but only a little, so it pretty much looks like in the picture.

Here is how I did my hair:

First I mixed 1 cup mildly acidic liquid with about 75 grams of Ancient Sunrise henna. I left it to sit overnight.

My boyfriend applied about half of it to my short hair, with surprisingly little mess. I covered it in plastic and put a hair towel around my head. I left it on for around six hours, I was too impatient to leave it on for longer and we wanted to go out to a movie. Unfortunately it didn't quite get as dark as I would have liked it, so the next day I used the rest of the mix that I had put in the freezer and left it on my hair for another six hours. After it was red enough to my liking, I mixed up some indigo with water and used it to dye the tips and the back of my hair. I left it on for about an hour.

This was very messy and dripped since I couldn't really wrap it up or it would ruin the design. It also dried out a little and didn't dye as well, (it was green at first), so I also had to do the indigo twice. In retrospect, it probably would have been easier if I had used tin foil to seal the ends up and there wouldn't be blue spots on the bathroom floor! But after a few mistakes, it finally came out how I wanted it.

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Don’t have fruit juice on hand? Keep some fruit acid powders in your cupboard.
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Going red with henna: