Real People, Real Henna: "Ata"

Ata's two-step black hair

I have never dyed my hair with chemicals. My natural hair color is light to medium brown. Many people in my family have used henna, so I joined in.

I wanted to get a black color. So since I have boyish style short hair I used 75 grams of Ancient Sunrise henna, mixed with a mildy acidic liquid. I just waited 3 three hours then I slobbered it all over. I then kept it on for 1 1/2 hours. During that time I would use the blow dryer to speed up the process, and washed with shampoo. Immediately after I mixed 100 grams of Indigo from Ancient Sunrise. GOOD STUFF !!!. I repeated the same like henna. But I rushed from the kitchen to the bathroom then quickly added the indigo paste. I waited 1 1/2 hours, then rinsed out the indigo.

Wallah- my first henna treatment. My hair is now shiny, glossy and beautiful. It has a brownish-blackish-subtle red look. Love it!

Notes and References
Don’t have fruit juice on hand? Keep some fruit acid powders in your cupboard.
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Video How-To
How to mix Ancient Sunrise Henna: