Real People, Real Henna: "Alison"

Alison hennas and then scans her hair

It's an interesting experience, scanning your own hair...

Okay, here's how I got the color. I have naturally medium brown (wig shade 8, actually, don't ask why I know) that tints reddish in the sunlight. The colour here is from about seven months of hennaing my hair every month and a half or so. I use henna and a mildly acidic liquid.

It takes a lot of henna to do my hair (it's to my hips). I keep it all in a big, giant plastic freezer bag in the freezer, and scoop it out as needed. It take 4 heaping ice-cream scoops to get enough henna. I mix that with warm lemon juice (room temperature) and cover it with plastic wrap. Once there's dye release I slather it on, put a plastic disposable shower cap over that, and do homework or something.

Once it's been at least two hours and I'm starting to go crazy from having stuff on my head, I go and wash it out. I find that once you've gotten the largest bits out, putting conditioner of some sort helps.

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