Customer Reviews

Covers grays really well
I decided to switch to henna because store bought dyes were causing hair loss. I bought from a different company, spent hours actually dyeing it, and it covered no gray. I had very gray roots, a weird orange section and then dark brown. I emailed them and got new answer. I couldn't go back to regular dye at that point. I googled henna that covers gray and your product came up. I bought it right away and applied it yesterday. I have no grays!!! No weird orange color where the grays were. Just a nice medium brown. I plan to buy this kit for the rest of my life. It also says one pack only does shoulder length hair. I have past my shoulders and had product left over. It's so worth the price.
Shannon - Salem Oregon

Best shampoo bar EVER!
I want to start out my saying I'm BEYOND picky about my shampoo, to the point where I never thought I would find a shampoo bar that I'm completely satisfied with. I took a chance on this shampoo bar by ancient sunrise and let me tell you.......NO REGRETS. It fits all my criteria which are: completely natural ingredients, a bigger size than the usual shampoo bars, smells good, works for oily hair, appropriate price. I've noticed less dandruff since I switched to this and my hair has never been so BOUNCY and healthy, which is impressive since I have very oily hair. I will continue to buy this shampoo bar for as long as ancient sunrise sells it!! What are you waiting for? Buy it.
Britt - Long Beach, CA

My mix
Hi I am age 66, and I have used the henna and cassia from Mehandi for several years. It gives my hair more body, making it healthier and stronger. It is good for the scalp as well. As a natural redhead, my graying hair may take the red henna dye more easily than most. When I first started using henna on my hair I was very nervous that it would become too red, but it did not happen. For years I have been using henna/cassia on the new growth only to cover the gray. For me, I use a small amount of henna to 100 grams of cassia and the juice of 1 lemon. I keep the mix in my hair for 3 hours and wash it out. The henna and cassia are so finely sifted that it washes right out. I personally like the natural earthy fragrance of henna and cassia. I get many compliments on my hair color. I just purchased more henna and cassia and intend to continue using it. I highly recommend trying these natural dyes.
Jeanne - Raleigh, North Carolina

Indigo and CMC
I dye my graying brown hair every 2 to 3 weeks with a combo of henna and indigo powder to get a dark brown. I weigh the indigo and henna in grams on a scale to get (essentially) the same results every time. My ratio is about 30 g henna and 25 g indigo. I have long hair. I prefer adding CMC powder to the indigo mix portion before mixing the two together. (Please note I mix henna 6-8 hours ahead of time to let the color develop, as it is slow to develop and the indigo is mixed at the last minute as its color develops quickly) If you're new to this, you might want to try a premixed kit first, or read about the two so you can understand how they work and how to use them together for best result. (It feels like a science experiment at first). CMC keeps the indigo mix from separating and running down my neck. So little CMC powder is needed, that it lasts a long time. Well worth purchasing.
Carol San Diego, California

Convenient and fun to use
I bought the Cinnamon kit and found it to be the simplest way to get the color result I was looking for. Rajasthani Monsoon creates a lovely orangey tint that oxidizes down into a beautiful rich auburn. It's much closer to my original natural color before it started going gray in my mid/late 20s. Plus, I love the convenience of including the fruit acid (cream of tartar). I burned myself the first time I ever did henna on my own by using something *much* too harsh! Now it's not a problem for me anymore. I loved my results and will continue to use supplies from Mehandi!
Theresa - Maine

Amazing shampoo bar!
After about a week, my hair adjusted from traditional shampoo and conditioner to using just the shampoo bar, and I love it! This left my fine hair feeling silky and clean with no tangled. This brought back a bit of wave to my hair that I haven't seen in years. I highly recommend this - don't give up on it- let your hair adjust, and you will love the results.
Becky C - Beach, North Dakota

I tell everyone
I LOVE your website, information, products, outlook, support. I've been using your henna for 8 years now, I've loved it every time I've applied and rinsed. I have never had any help besides a mirror and some latex-like gloves, putting the mixed product into one of your cones or an extra/upcycled storage baggie. I usually sleep with it for a while, saves me time. So many people comment about how wonderful it looks, i've given your website address to many people over the years, including professional hairdressers that I've met outside their professional life. I'm very thankful for Catherine's vision and willingness to develop this site.
Denice - Charlotte North Carolina