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Ancient Sunrise Henna, Indigo and Cassia

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Ancient Sunrise Zekhara Indigo Ancient Sunrise
Zekhara Indigo

Use Ancient Sunrise® Zekhara Indigo with henna
to safely, permanently, dye hair medium to dark brown. Use a 2 step process to achieve jet black. Best organic indigo for resistant gray and fragile hair.

Ancient Sunrise <br> Sudina Indigo Ancient Sunrise
Sudina Indigo

Use Ancient Sunrise® Sudina Indigo with henna to safely, permanently, dye hair dark brown and black, even resistant gray.

Monsoon Henna Ancient Sunrise
Rajasthani Monsoon

Ancient Sunrise® Rajasthani Monsoon Henna has a beautiful rose undertone.

Twilight Henna Ancient Sunrise
Rajasthani Twilight

Ancient Sunrise® Rajasthani Twilight is our finest henna. It's excellent for covering resistant gray.

Rarity Henna Ancient Sunrise Rarity Henna

Ancient Sunrise® Rarity Henna is the best henna for fine hair, natural hair, and locs. This organic henna has such a fine sift that it's superb for kinky curls. Rarity produces lovely coppery tones on gray and light hair. Available in 3 gram sample size and 100 gram packets.

Clarity Cassia Auriculata Ancient Sunrise Clarity Cassia

Ancient Sunrise Clarity Cassia is dried and powdered organic cassia auriculata leaves. This cassia for hair has a weak chrysophanol dye molecule but will add shine to dull hair. Its finely sifted powder is fantastic for all hair types including hair type 4c.