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Black Hair Color

With Ancient Sunrise Henna for Black Hair kits, you can safely dye your hair a deep rich jet black, using our mix of 100% natural henna, indigo and fruit acids with no harsh chemicals and no PPD.

Results vary so we suggest you contact our Customer Service team who will help you choose the right products and assist you in getting the color you want.

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Henna for Delicate Hair Black Kit Henna for Delicate Hair Black Kit

Delicate Hair Black Kit contains the best organic henna and indigo for fine hair, natural hair, and locs. This organic henna and indigo has such a fine sift that it's superb for kinky curls.

Henna for Gray Hair Black Kit Jet Black Hair Color for Gray Hair

Black Hair Color - contains the best organic high dye henna and indigo to cover resistant gray hair. This kit give a jet black hair color with a glossy finish and can be used on all hair types.

Ancient Sunrise Henna For Hair Black Kit Black Hair Color

This black Kit dyes hair a jet black - the deepest, darkest shade of black.

Ancient Sunrise Henna For Hair Warm Black Kit Henna For Hair Warm Black Kit

Warm Black Kit dyes light, medium or gray hair a warm black and adds intense shine.