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Tools for mixing and applying your henna hair dye, hair care, and body art designs.
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Pre-rolled Mylar Cones and Pre-cut Mylar Triangles Pre-rolled Cones & Pre-cut Mylar Triangles

Pre-rolled Mylar cones and pre-cut mylar sheets can save you time getting ready for your next henna design.

Becoming Moonlight Terps Becoming Moonlight Terps

Becoming Moonlight® Terps are a blend of pure aromatherapy grade essential oils and are kept refrigerated until they are shipped to you.

Carrot Bags Ancient Sunrise Carrot Bags

Carrot bags (piping bags) are a convenient tool to precisely apply henna mixes, and to freeze leftovers.

Henna Cone Filling Kit Ancient Sunrise Cone
Filling Kit

Cone Filling Kit
This henna and gilding tool kit contains a syringe, vinyl gloves and tongue depressor for filling mylar cones.

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