Creating 'White Henna' with Temptu

White Henna

White henna' is not henna.
One method of creating 'white henna' uses Temptu temporary tattoo paint with Becoming Moonlight® materials and techniques.

Temptu is a resin-based body paint which becomes waterproof and durable when brushed with mica gilding powder or talcum powder. For 'white henna' work, use a gilding powder made of mica, because the 'white henna' pastes will become gummy with talcum powder. Temptu is FDA

Temptu and other materials

Temptu is resin-based waterproof body paint. It is absolutely safe for use on skin, and lasts from three days to one week. Apply Temptu with a brush as you would apply body paint.

This group of materials can be used to create 'white henna'. They are is formulated to work together and extend the range of colors and applications available to henna artists.


Temptu tends to separate, with the pigment settling at the bottom. Vigorously shake the bottle each time before you pour out a few drops.

drops of Temptu

Put a few drops of Temptu temporary tattoo paint on a plate. Apply Temptu with a brush.

Allow the drops to dry for a moment, to make the paint thicker.

If your brush becomes sticky, clean it with isopropyl alcohol.

apply Temptu to create 'white henna'

Apply Temptu on clean, dry skin with a brush.

Temtpu will last longer on areas of skin that are not oily, sweaty, or which bend (joints). Temptu will last longer where clothing and work does not rub it away.

painting white Temptu on skin

Temptu temporary tattoo paint dries in a few minutes, but remains slightly sticky.

Clean your brushes with isopropyl alcohol.

add gilding powder to Temptu to create 'white henna'

When you have finished painting the Temptu on the skin, brush Becoming Moonlight® pearl gilding powder over the white Temptu.

powder the Temptu

Brush gilding powder over all of the painted desigh. This will seal the Temptu and make it durable and waterproof.

brush away excess powder

When you have applied gilding powder to all of the Temptu painting, brush way the excess.

If the gilding powder clings to the skin and is difficult to brush away, you may rinse away the excess powder with water.

add a gem to Temptu

Would you like to put gems in your pattern? Flatback rhinestones can be applied to the surface of the skin with Pros-Aide or Becoming Moonlight® 'white henna' adhesive.

Apply dots of 'white henna' paste to the skin in the places where you would like to apply a gem.

add the gems to Temptu white henna

Press a birthday candle onto the domed top of a rhinestone, then pick up the rhinestone with the candle.

Place the gem on the spot of 'white henna' gilding paste.

White Henna

You may swim or shower with Temptu on your skin. If skin becomes oily or sweaty, Temptu will come off the skin.

Do not lotion skin painted with Temptu until you want to remove it.