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July-August 2018

Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

North African Women’s Cosmetic paints: Method of Evaluation and Interpretation
The popularity of darkened brows tempts women to use oxidative hair rather than eyebrow pencil. Chemical hair dye is dangerous to use on the face and can cause severe allergic reactions and blindness. Do not use products sold as ‘black henna’ or pre-mixed henna cones to darken eyebrows. Some eyebrow dye sold in drugstores contains para-pheneylenediamine, and any eyebrow dye should be regarded as potentially dangerous. Google “eyebrow dye allergic reaction” to see the injuries these dyes cause.

Read more: http://www.hennapage.com/henna/encyclopedia/nahq/HQNA2.pdf

Temptu from mehandi.com can be safely used to paint eyebrows and temporary tattoos that will last several days. Temptu can be removed with lotion and some scrubbing with a washcloth.

Tips and Techniques

Hair color and shampoo test
We tested several types of hair color, including henna in different shampoos to see which color is the most stable
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From our blogs

Ancientsunrise.blog: Back to Nature: Is Henna the Future of Commercial Hair Dye?
Commercial hair dye companies are slowly learning a painful secret: “Fast, easy, and cheap” has been beneficial for business for just over a century, but will not be sustainable in the coming decades.

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Becomingmoonlight.blog: Henna is Not Black: Stopping the Illegal Use of Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) on Skin
It happens every summer. As soon as school lets out and families go on vacation, a handful of news reports go viral about a vacationer getting a “black henna” tattoo and ending up in the hospital. Too often, they are children. Severe reactions to “black henna” can result in painful, weeping blisters, permanent scarring, and a multitPreview & Sendude of other symptoms. In some cases, a reaction may be life-threatening.

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