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January 2019

Catherine's Curiosities
Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Chapter 4: Science and Microscopy: Microscopy of Henna: The microscopic structures of a henna leaf
This is a quantitative microscopy survey of different brands of henna hair dye products. Henna products in the marketplace frequently contain unlisted additives and adulterants, and the milling and sifting varies with particles from 0.2 mm to over 3 mm. Consumers become frustrated by henna products’ coarse sift, sand, problematic interactions with chemical dyes, and unpredictable results. The public understanding of what is henna is further misinformed by false advertising claims made by by exporters and retailers.

Investigation into henna’s agricultural, industrial, and marketing processes was part of my Master’s and PhD dissertations, in contrast to the usual anthropological and folkloric investigations on henna. By time, I amassed years of henna, indigo and cassia analysis from a certified independent laboratory, over one hundred henna hair dye products, and declarations by henna exporters. This chapter shows quantitative microscopic comparisons of products sold as ‘henna.’
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Tips and Techniques

New Year, New You "Henna Indigo Transformation
See how henna can help repair damaged hair, improving the strength, texture and appearance of the hair.

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From our blogs
Why Hair Feels Dry After Henna and How to Fix It
The process of dyeing with henna can cause a temporary change on the surface of the hair strand. The hair goes back to its normal texture within a couple days. Smoothing can be expedited with conditioning or an apple cider vinegar rinse. This article will discuss the physical structure of hair, the sensory interpretations of “dry” and “moisturized,” and offer solutions for lessening the undesirable texture which some may experience during the first few days following a henna treatment.
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A Love Song of Pomegranates
They say to look for one
that feels heavier than it appears.
I test each fruit
in the palm of my hand,
feeling for the weight
of its buried gems.

Read more: http://www.becomingmoonlight.blog/2018/02/14/a-love-song-of-pomegranates/

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