Use Ancient Sunrise® Zekhara Indigo with henna to safely, permanently, dye hair darkest brown and black, even resistant gray. Ancient Sunrise® Zekhara Indigo is partially fermented, dried and powdered pure indigofera tinctoria leaf, finely sifted for fragile hair and guaranteed free from chemicals and adulterants.

For creamiest texture, we recommend that you mix Ancient Sunrise® Zekhara Indigo with Ancient Sunrise® CMC powder.

If you are allergic to chemical hair dye, or have been advised by your physician to not use chemical hair dye to dye your hair, you should be able to use Ancient Sunrise® Zekhara Indigo safely. We have tested all Ancient Sunrise® indigo through an independent certified laboratory to insure that they have NO lead, NO PPD, NO contaminants, adulterants or pesticide residue.

Please note: Indigo is temperature-sensitive. Always protect indigo from freezing.

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