September-October 2021 Newsletter & Ancient Sunrise Monthly

September-October 2021

Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

The Encyclopedia of Henna - "Anath and Henna"
Wheat agriculture, and domestication of cattle and other ruminants began in the fertile areas of Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Israel around 8000 BCE. Some theorists believe women may have been largely responsible for the discovery, development, and labor involved in early grain agriculture, based on forensic evidence from bone wear patterns, and the connection of female deities with grain and harvest.
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Tips and Techniques

Lowlighting Hair Using Plant Dye
To add lowlights to your hennaed hair, you'll need a darker formulation that what you use for roots, a highlighting cap, a comb, and patience. If you're not sure what mix you should use for lowlighting, contact our customer service team at [email protected]
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From our blogs

Why Hair Feels Dry After Henna and How to Fix It
Some henna users report that their hair feels coarse, brittle, or unmanageable after washing out their henna. This can be interpreted as dryness. In reality, this temporary state has little to do with moisture or lack thereof, and more to do with the hair’s physical structure. The process of dyeing with henna can cause a temporary change on the surface of the hair strand. The hair goes back to its normal texture within a couple days. Smoothing can be expedited with conditioning or an apple cider vinegar rinse.
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Adding Body Art into your Everyday Look
I will be going over how to add body art into your every day look. This can be easy and fit right into your schedule. I’m not a jewelry person so it makes it easy to accent with body art instead. There are so many uses for the Mehron Metallic Powders. Who doesn’t like something shiny, right? I’m going to use it to make my design on my wrist and hand.
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