February-March 2022 Newlsetter

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February-March 2022

This month's featured product
Sale on Spellstone Hand-Carved Buffalo Horn Loc Ties
Spellstone Loc Ties are designed for the unique demands of heavy, abundant hair: braids, locks, dreads, and sisterlocks, or even just masses of glorious thick hair. These can bundle and lift your most awesome hair.
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Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Beginning this month, we present each of the chapters of "Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair" by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD, a free, downloadable e-book about how and why to use henna as an alternative to commercial chemical hair dyes.
Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair Chapter 1: Introduction and the Epidemic of Para-phenylenediamine Sensitization
Does 'chemical box' hair dye make you itch? If so, you probably have an allergy to the chemicals in oxidative hair dyes and over time, the allergy will get worse. The chemical beauty industry has downplayed the hair dye risk from the global epidemic of PPD allergy, sometimes by highly selective reading (or misreading) of the literature.
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Tips and Techniques

Will it still work?
Henna and indigo powder that have been carefully stored can be used, even after several years but always test first to be sure your powder will still produce a good stain.
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From our blogs

Gender, Race, and Class in Hair Styling Spaces: Constructing Individual and Group Identities
Hair carries the weight of gender, class, and race. Women are told that short hair would make them look “manly” or “lesbian.” The opposite occurs for men who grow their hair long. Many white-collar workers see their hair as an investment in their professional success. African textured hair is especially political, and has a long and complicated history.
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Henna for Body Art 101: How to Sift and Strain Henna for Smooth, Clog-free Paste
Henna powder varies greatly in quality. Depending on the manufacturer, it will be ground and sifted to one degree or another. Henna that is sold for hair sometimes contains larger plant particles. Low quality henna may also contain sand and other debris. Cheap henna powder may seem like a good way to save money, but it will cause more headaches in the long run. After sifting and straining, you’ll find that you have lost a good fraction of your product.
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