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August-September 2022

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Save on Mehron Paradise Body Paint
Mehron Paradise body art paints are made of ingredients approved by the FDA for use on skin. Moisten with water to use: Apply with brush or sponge. Clean up with soap and water.

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Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

This month, we continue our presentation of each of the chapters of "Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair" by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD, a free, downloadable e-book about how and why to use henna as an alternative to commercial chemical hair dyes.
Chapter 7 “Mixing and Testing Your Henna Mix”
"Mixing and Testing your Henna Mix" discusses the mixing, dye release, formulation, and testing of a wide range of non-chemical permanent colors from henna, indigo, and cassia. This chapter includes step-by-step instructions to produce the color you want for your hair.

Tips and Techniques

Going Red with Henna
Follow along as Maria mixes up the Ancient Sunrise Red Kit and applies it to her hair.
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From our blogs

Maintaining graying brown hair with henna and indigo
My first-time using henna for hair color was due to a sensitivity reaction I started having with chemical hair dye. I wanted to go back to my natural medium brown after many years of blonde highlights. Fortunately, I had a friend who was using all-natural Ancient Sunrise henna and indigo to achieve beautiful brown hair.
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Henna is Not Black: Stopping the Illegal Use of Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) on Skin
It happens every summer. As soon as school lets out and families go on vacation, a handful of news reports go viral about a vacationer getting a “black henna” tattoo and ending up in the hospital. Too often, they are children. Severe reactions to “black henna” can result in painful, weeping blisters, permanent scarring, and a multitude of other symptoms. In some cases, a reaction may be life-threatening.
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