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Henna, Indigo and Cassia for all Natural Hair Color

Ancient Sunrise is devoted to providing the best quality 100 % natural henna and indigo powders for hair color, as well as cassia for conditioning and blonde tones.

All our plant based henna hair dye powders are natural with no chemicals, no PPD no adulterants or additives. Henna restores strength and shine to damaged hair and
produces beautiful results on all hair types. Our products are ethically and sustainably sourced

By choosing Ancient Sunrise hair dye you are on your way to beautiful all natural hair!
Our Customer Service Team is here to help you step by step to use Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair Dye.

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If you are allergic to chemical hair dye or have been advised by your physician to not use chemical hair dye, you should be able to use Ancient Sunrise® henna, indigo, and other Ancient Sunrise® products safely. Do not use henna in the area of the eye or on a cut or abraded scalp.
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Image of indigo leaf and ancient sunrise logo with zekhara indigo title Ancient Sunrise Zekhara Indigo

Ancient Sunrise® Zekhara indigo is our premium finely sifted indigo. The fine sift makes it the preferred indigo powder for dyeing grays and kinky, curly hair.

Dark Brown Henna hair dye - Pure Henna Dark Brown Hair Dye

colors light to medium brown hair a beautiful healthy shiny dark brown. An All natural henna color for all hair types.

Ancient Sunrise Henna For Hair Cool Dark Brown Kit Cool Dark Brown Hair Dye

colors light or medium brown hair a cool dark brown. A natural pure henna hair dye.

Medium Brown Hair Color - Ancient Sunrise Henna Medium Brown Hair Dye

dyes hair a rich medium brown. All natural henna hair dye restores hairs health and shine.

Cool Brown Hair Dye , Henna for Hair Cool Brown Hair Dye

colors gray and light hair a rich, cool, medium brown shade. Medium to dark hair will be a dark rich brown. If you have graying hair, the grays will blend as cool medium brown highlights.

Henna for hair Red Kit Red Henna Hair Color Kit

Red Kit dyes lighter and graying hair vivid henna red.

Warm medium to dark blonde hair color Medium to Dark Blonde Hair Color - Henna For Hair Chai Kit

A warm, medium to dark blonde hair color using 100% natural cassia, henna and indigo.

Henna for hair Cinnamon Kit - Mehandi Henna for Hair Cinnamon Kit

Cinnamon Kit dyes pale or graying hair a warm, natural-looking red restoring strength and shine.

Ancient Sunrise Henna For Hair Fire Kit Henna For Hair Fire Kit

This is the best henna kit for bright results! Our Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair Fire Kit dyes light hair a bold red-orange hair color. Graying hair will have fire-like highlights.

Henna for Blonde Kit - Cassia Blonde Hair Color

Our all natural blonde hair color brightens and conditions dull or graying blonde hair.

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