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January 2018

Catherine's Curiosities
Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Henna during the Late Bronze Age in the Mycenaean Eastern Mediterranean
One of the centers of henna use in late Bronze Age was the perfume Industry of Mycenaean Pylos. The texts translated from Linear B from the burning of the palace in Pylos contain mentions of henna which have perplexed Classicists. In particular, they found it difficult to interpret the meaning of, “The red which is not red,” and “the perfume that has no fragrance.” Thirty three years after Cynthia Shelmerdine wrote the “Perfume Industry of Mycenaean Pylos,” Catherine Cartwright-Jones PhD proposes an answer to that conundrum.
Read more: http://www.tapdancinglizard.com//AS_henna_for_hair/chapters/chap2/Mycenaean_henna.pdf

Tips and Techniques

How to Use Ancient Sunrise Rainwash
Rainwash is a simple treatment to remove mineral build up from the hair and help improve the uptake of the natural plant dyes. We recommend it before any Ancient Sunrise application for the best results.
See the video: https://vimeo.com/250622931

From our blogs
Ancient Sunrise Blog: "Gender, Race, and Class in Hair Styling Spaces: Constructing Individual and Group Identities"
Hair carries the weight of gender, class, and race. Women are told that short hair would make them look “manly” or “lesbian”. The opposite occurs for men who grow their hair long. Many white-collar workers see their hair as an investment in their professional success . African textured hair is especially political, and has a long and complicated history. When a person chooses to wear their hair in a way that falls outside of their social group’s norm, it is often interpreted as rebelling against the ideologies of that group.
Read more: https://www.ancientsunrise.blog/hair-spaces-identity/

Becoming Moonlight Blog: "A Comparison of Body Art Quality Henna Paste, Pre-Made Pastes, and “Black Henna”
As the word “henna” is not regulated, it can be used simply to describe a form of body art which involves temporarily staining the skin, rather than the product of the henna plant. To learn more about the differences between pure, BAQ henna, mass-produced henna cones, and “black henna.”
Read more: https://becomingmoonlight.blog/2017/12/07/paste-comparisons/

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