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March - April 2018

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Free 5 gram packet of Ancient Sunrise® Rainwash with any order over $25.00
Ancient Sunrise® Rainwash Mineral Treatment will remove mineral buildup caused by washing in hard water. Heavy mineral buildup in your hair may react with cassia and make an otherwise lovely golden color turn green, brown, or even black! Mineral buildup can also make hennaed hair go dull.

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Catherine's Curiosities
Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

"Henna Mislabeling, Misinformation, and Disinformation"
In the early twentieth century the term henna was used for hair dye, whether or not the dye was actually henna; the word henna conveyed “safe” and “effective” during a time when early chemical dyes were haphazard and often dangerous. This Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair Chapter 3, Compound Henna provides insight into where the misconceptions about henna came from and how they proliferated into public consciousness in general, and among stylists in particular.

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Tips and Techniques

Conditioning using cassia obovata
Cassia and henna can help repair dry, damaged hair, or help keep hair healthy. Through each after photo you can see the increase in shine and health. Cassia and henna are great for all hair textures. You can use cassia by itself to condition your hair without changing your hair color. To learn more, refer to our
free e-book, "Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair," a free download at:

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From our blogs
Henna Glosses: Debunking Myths and Offering More Effective Alternatives
There are better ways to achieve both a subtle color change and conditioning. Glosses are a waste of good henna and your money. Because the diluting medium inhibits dye uptake, color results are temporary, and most of the conditioning benefits of henna are
unavailable. While they have their place in rare occasions, more often than not, there is a better alternative to the gloss.

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Henna on Fingertips, Feet, and Nails: Cosmetic and Practical Applications (Part One)
Henna has been used for both cosmetic purposes as well as practical applications. Its ability to stain keratin and condition the hair led to its use in grooming and beautifying practices for both women and men. Its additional health benefits made it useful for combating a number of skin conditions, as well as being visually appealing.

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