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December-January 2022
We have a salon space!
We are now taking salon appointments in Canton, Ohio on select days. Call 330-673-0601 or email [email protected] for more information. We're also looking for models for select projects. Contact us for more information.

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Ancient Sunrise Spices & Herbs for your henna mix
Not everyone loves the earthy smell that lingers in hennaed hair. Add one of these spices to your mix to leave a pleasant, spicy scent in your hair.
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Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD Each month we present a chapter of the Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair Book. You can read the chapters online or download them free of charge. Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair Chapter 2 The History of Henna Hair Dye
When I began work towards my PhD, people asserted, "The origin of henna is lost in the mists of time." The more I researched, the more I found, and there ARE origins, and they are NOT LOST, just scattered. The origins fascinate me, and I hope that either I can finish this project over the next years, or that other people can.
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Tips and Techniques

Henna on Grey Hair
A short demonstration of a way to add color to your greys using henna.
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From our blogs

Full Coverage: How to Transition from Hennaed Hair Back to Natural Roots
While we’d love for you to stay with us forever, there are many reasons a person may choose to stop using henna, or to return to their natural hair color. You may simply miss your natural color, or expect to have less time or money for hair coloring in your future. A frequently asked question regarding transitioning is how to do so without getting a stark contrast between colored hair and roots as your hair grows out.
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A Quick Trick for Freezing and Storing Leftover Henna Paste
A customer messaged me about a trick she learned from using piping bags and frosting, and sent me instructions on how she did it. This is really cool! It makes storing and thawing portions a breeze, and clean-up is so simple. You can even re-use the same carrot bag over and over, because the inside of the carrot bag stays clean. Thanks, Jeannine!
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