Real People, Real Henna: "Cathy"


Cathy, before and after henna

I have been interested in Henna for some time and finally tried it!

My hair is baby fine and breaks. Years ago I used to color my hair and all it did was frizz and break and I would cut it off and do it again. I finally learned and stopped using commercial dyes. Before henna my hair was completely natural and graying. I am so happy to find a natural way to color my hair. It was silky after the first shampoo and condition with Henna. I LOVE THE RESULTS USING HENNA! I am hooked and your website ( ) and the mixes page is what gave me the courage to try.

In a Pyrex 1 qt. measuring glass, I prepared 3/4 litre of mix using henna (250g) and a mildly acidic liquid to the consistency of thinner icing. Soft peaks could form when well blended but tips flopped over. The disposable spoon I used could stand on end and not fall. I let that sit about 14 hours covered tightly with plastic wrap on a window sill. It is summer and 80°F days/70F° night.

I used a new pair of kitchen rubber gloves and applied the henna with two finger tips. I applied the Henna as instructed, starting with the bottom back of hair and working my way up toward the roots. I ensured even coverage by squashing and patting my hair while leaned over the sink and massaged the hair for some time wanting good coverage of the entire hair shaft. I was careful not to tangle the hair. I plastic wrapped my hair tightly and placed a bath towel securely around my head. I left it on overnight being sure to have my dark sheets on the bed and another old towel on my favorite pillow just in case of leaks. No Leaks!

The next morning I rinsed it with warm water using the spray shower hose then applied a light application of conditioner to continue getting the henna out. I then shampooed and conditioned regularly. One mistake I made was the plastic wrap was too low on my forehead and some henna leaked to my upper skin of my hairline as I perspired during sleep under the plastic. The discoloration is very mild but next time I will be more careful so I can wipe the area better. I won’t sleep with the wrap either but start earlier in the morning.

My gray encircles my entire facial hairline with very little additional gray in back. It did turn a brighter orange (as warned before) than I hoped but the color took well and after a few shampoos it is blending much better and softening.

Thank you for the inspiration

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