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Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair Fire Sample Kit
Last Updated: 02/27/2020

Ancient Sunrise®

Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair Fire Kit Sample

Please read these instructions fully before beginning. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Ancient Sunrise® Customer Service:


One 3g packet of Monsoon Henna (mixed with Copperberry)
One 3g packet of
Sudina Cassia


Rajasthani Monsoon Henna Standard body art quality henna.
(Dried Malpighia Glabra) A powdered fruit acid that replaces fruit juice or other acidic liquids. This keeps henna brighter and prevents darkening over time.
Sudina Cassia – Standard cassia obovata powder.
Fruit Acid – A powder that is acidic enough to dye-release henna.
Rainwash – An all-natural product from Ancient Sunrise® that gently removes mineral build-up.
Clarifying Shampoo – A chelating shampoo that removes mineral build-up from the hair.

What to Expect:

This sample kit contains enough to conduct a strand test on hair collected from a hairbrush, or a 1-inch section of hair on the head. The color of the hair after the application may be bright. This will darken and settle over the course of 5 to 7 days.


1) Pour 3g packet of Monsoon Henna and 3g packet of Sudina Cassia into any bowl.
2) Slowly stir in room temperature distilled water until the paste slowly drips off of your mixing utensil.
3) Cover bowl with plastic wrap and leave at room temperature (68-72°F or 20-22°C) for 8 to 12 hours.
4) Clean hair section immediately prior to application. Treat hair with Rainwash, then a detergent shampoo (or use a clarifying shampoo instead of Rainwash and a detergent shampoo). Avoid conditioner and other hair products.
5) Immediately apply henna paste thickly to hair sample.
6) Cover hair with plastic wrap and leave for a minimum of three hours. The longer you leave the paste on, the more saturation. Average timing is 4-6 hours.
If using hair collected from a hair brush, place hair in plastic wrap in a warm area, such as a pocket, in front of a heater, or in a hot car to simulate body heat.
7) Soak and swish hair in warm water to loosen paste.
8) Shampoo and condition.

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