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  • Henna, Indigo and Cassia

  • Featured Item 1

    Rajasthani Twilight Henna

    Twilight henna will color even the most resistant graying hair a rich auburn. It also has a great sift for easy application and easy rinsing.

  • Featured Item 2

    Rarity Henna

    Rarity henna's fine sift is superb for kinky curly hair and locs, and causes no breakage to damaged hair. Rarity produces lovely copper hair color on gray and light hair.

  • Featured Item 3

    Rajasthani Monsoon

    Monsoon henna has a beautiful rose undertone that will add warm highlights to graying hair and will add a lovely ginger hair color to light hair.

  • Featured Item 4

    Zekhara Indigo

    Zekhara indigo can be mixed with henna and cassia to create different shades of blonde, red, brown, and blackr. The fine sift rinses easily out of delicate hair.

  • Featured Item 5

    Sudina Indigo

    Sudina Indigo mixed with henna and cassia can dye hair shades of brown all the way to midnight black. The sift isn't as fine as Zekhara Indigo, so it will require more rinsing.

  • Featured Item 5

    Clarity Cassia

    Clarity Cassia is dried and powdered cassia auriculata leaves. Cassia can create beautiful shades when used with henna and/or indigo. Cassia also adds shine and creates volume.

  • Fruit acids for dye release

  • Featured Item 1


    Amla mixed with henna and indigo will dye hair a cooler brown. Mixed with henna alone it will tone down the red. Amla also strengthens hair and promotes growth.

  • Featured Item 2

    Citric Acid

    Henna and cassia will dye your hair most effectively when mixed with a mildly acidic liquid. Using an acidic liquid or our fruit acid powders gives the best color results.

  • Featured Item 3


    Copperberry, dried, powdered Acerola berries, contains antioxidants that preserve the golden tones in cassia mixes and the red colors in your henna.

  • Featured Item 4


    Kristalovino is an acid found in grapes, apples, and other fruits. Use Kristalovino to keep henna and cassia colors bright and to avoid darkening with oxidization.

  • Featured Item 5

    Malluma Kristalovino

    Malluma Kristalovino - cream of tartar - is a natural fruit acid crystallized from grape juice. Use it to create darker auburn colors with henna.

  • Featured Item 5

    Nightfall Rose

    Nightfall Rose is dried purple Aronia berries, which contain natural pigments. Use it to dye release your henna and add an ash tone to the color. Creates beautiful soft brown hair color.

Hair Care

Our hair care line includes products to clean and condition your hair, to store leftover henna and apply it for root touchups, and natural scents for your henna mix.

Body Care

Amla (Indian gooseberry powder) is an exfoliating scrub good for all skin types. Ancient Sunrise seed butters moisturize the skin with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Ancient sunrise Henna Attar is a natural scent from pressed henna flowers.

Henna Tools

We have carrot bags for storing leftover henna and for root touchups, pre-rolled mylar cones and pre-cut mylar for applying henna, syringes for filling cones and aromatherapy-quality terps for your henna mix.